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Tips for people on the Waiting List

Are you on the Waiting List and really, really want to go to the Dîner en Blanc Singapore 2013? Read the following, to help you out.

If you are on the Waiting List, you will receive an email invite starting next week for Phase 1 and the week after next for Phase 2 and Phase 3 respectively. 

Registration to get a ticket is first-come-first-served just like a concert. Last year registration sold out in 30 minutes - and we expect something similar this year. Be there ready to register at the opening bell!

Good luck to everyone! Please understand that we have catered for as many people as we can this year, and that the event will grow each year. No abusive emails or posts will be tolerated, and may result in being barred from events.

To help you register efficiently, please follow our tips below:

1. Have you received your invite? 

Check your emails for an invite with a registration code in the text. You should have received an invite within 24 hours when we post on Facebook. If you haven't;

  • please check your junk and search for "Blanc".
  • check you are still on the waiting list and have registered a current email by going to our registration page. If you receive a notice "you have already registered" then contact us. If you hadn't registered, we will try to send you an email invite.
  • If you have done the above, and still have no email invite, look at our Facebook page and check that many others aren't experiencing the same issue.
  • If not, then contact us on before registration closes. After this time is too late.

2. Sign up for a PayPal account - or check you know your PayPal password

We found that this makes the process much quicker, and you are less likely to time out if you already have a PayPal account.

3. Keep trying to register until we announce the event is Sold Out on Facebook

People registering have 15 minutes and if people timeout, you will get a chance to register. So keep clicking and waiting until we tell you it is sold out. Remember no abusive emails or posts will be tolerated, and may result in being barred from events.

4. Check our Facebook page for Tech Issues

Given a large amount of people will be registering there may be a lag in the system. We will announce any tech issues on our Facebook page, so have a look there first, before you contact us.

5. Consider Transport Locations

To keep the event location secret you will be transported by boats or buses from Departure locations all over Singapore.

We suggest that you have a few locations in mind as they may sell out. Once a location is sold out, you will not be able to select it as all boats or buses will be full.

6. Read the information carefully

You have 15 minutes to register and there will be a counter at the top. 15 minutes is more than what you need, make sure you read everything carefully, particularly our rules.

For example it is important to note, once you have purchased a ticket you cannot swap your ticket with anyone, you cannot get a refund and cannot change Departure locations.

7. Don't accidentally tick "absentee" when you register

No Phase 3/Waiting List guests should be absentees - if you click this box you won't be coming to 2013, but will be invited in 2014 instead.


Good luck!

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